This boat was built in the winter of 1977-78 for Dalton Coor of Anchorage Alaska by Ron Jones Marine. During its first year it spent most of its time in the Anchorage area, but ventured to the "lower 48" on an occational visit. In 1980, Dalton's friend Bernie Caufman, who lived on the east side of Lake Sammamish, Washington, talked Dalton in leaving the boat down in Washington to participate in more Region 10 events. It became clear that Dalton needed a crew, so he contacted Ron Doss who was involved in a 5 liter with Rex Benedict, but was no longer actively involved racing. Ron was helping his son Jim, play with remote controlled hydros. Ron and I had become friends and he asked if I was interested in crewing the Gold Streak with him. Of course I was!

During 1980-81, the crew of Bernie, Ron and I campaigned the boat at Region 10 events where at Black Lake, our driver Gordy Gillmer exceeded the A.P.B.A. 5 mile oval record that had been set by Al Curtis in the Gladiator. Unfortunately, he failed to beat Al's record by the required one percent so no record for the Gold Streak. A side note here, both the Gold Streak and Gladiator were built side by side, so it seemed whoever got the inside lane would win the heat.

In 1982-83, the boat ended up over in Montana where another friend of Dalton's, Jim Namon, ran it. It is reported that while in Jim's possesion, the Gold Streak hit a log and put a pretty good size dent in her tunnel. Another report says that Jim didn't like the way the boat handled so he changed the sponsons.

The history between 1984-88 seems sketchy, but we think it lived in the desert outside Dalton and Donna's home in California. In 1988, the hull was purchased from Dalton by Dan Doidge of Anaheim. Dan and his team, Doidge Racing, changed a few more things on the boat and raced it as a 6 liter under the name "Floatin'-A-Loan" until 1996. Dan reports that the change in rules requiring a capsule, or reinforced cockpit, all but eliminated the hydro racing in Southern Califonia. Dan went to the expense of having a reinforced cockpit installed, but that was before the fact became clear that participation in the 6 liter class was all but gone. Upon the realization, Dan put the boat up for sale, but there were no takers. Since 1996, it sat in Dan's back yard until in early October 2009, he saw a posting on the APBA Vintage website from me looking for the Gold Streak.

I, and former driver Gordy Gillmer, were in Lake Chelan, Washington on October 3, 2009 participating in the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museums "Fun Day" event when we started talking about the Gold Streak. I told Gordy about starting to seriously looking for it and we agreed how cool it would be to bring her back and run in Vintage events. As the weekend ended, it turned out that Dan had responded to my posting while I was in Chelan. On October 4th, I spoke with Dan for the first time, and Dan described the hull in pretty good shape. That was fantastic news! All that did was get me more excited where I decided I needed to see it in person. On October 17th, I flew to Anaheim and saw the boat I crewed on 28 years before. Yeah, she had some wear and tear on her, but Dan's declaration that she was in pretty good shape was accurate. Aside from the bumps and bruises of being out there for over 30 years, the Gold Streak/Floatin-A-Loan appears to be structurally sound and certainly restorable.

On November 27, 2009, me, Gordy, brother Dave and nephew Andrew met Dan and Lois Doidge in Sacramento, had some dinner, hit the sheets and left at 3:35am to bring the hull back to my home in Sammamish, Washingon. Now, I, along with my brother, nephew, and a couple of other enthusiasts, will pull the deck off and, with the help of the boats designer Ron Jones, Sr., survey the structure to determine what needs to be done in order to get her back on the water as the Gold Streak to participate in Region 10 Vintage events.

On November 10, 2009, I obtained two rather used, Plymouth 273's (see Engine photos in the Restoration Tab). They will be re-built and used in the Gold Streak. I would like to extend a special "Thanks" to Ed Kelson who actually found the engines and delivered them to Compton Lumber.

Now it begins...(again!)

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